Judge Imposes Measures on Producers Involved in Violent Protest in Panama

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  • Sun, 12/23/2018 - 10:52
Judge Imposes Measures on Producers Involved in Violent Protest in Panama
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The six producers involved in a violent protest, held on Tuesday, December 18 in the central area of Divisa, were imposed measures of periodic notification and refused to allow them to leave the country by a judge of guarantees, informed this Saturday the local press.

According to journalistic reports, the judge of guarantees of the province of Herrera, Zeddy Ureña, applied these measures to the producers Elias Marciaga, Alberto Martinez, Luis Miguel Chavez, Leonys Peralta, Pedro Vidal, and Carlos Aviles, after being attributed four charges, among them, disorder on the public highway, attempted kidnapping and disrespect for authority.

The producers were arrested on December 18 in Divisa, in the central province of Herrera, after a demonstration by representatives of the agricultural sector against the excessive imports to the country and that are affecting farm workers.

In the confrontations with riot units, the producers retained the ministers of Security and Agricultural Development, Jonattan Del Rosario and Eduardo Enrique Carles, who came to the site as representatives of the Government to enter into a dialogue with a view to resolving the crisis facing the agricultural sector.

"The judge of guarantees considered illegal the way in which the producers were removed from their homes, handcuffed, and, although, the prosecution requested a measure of deprivation of liberty due to the risk of flight and destruction of evidence, the judge denied it because it was considered excessive ", published the newspaper La Estrella de Panama.

Before the violent acts that took place last Tuesday in Divisa, the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA) demanded today the Panamanian government to "desist from the confrontation and the threats", and that it gives "the welcome to the sensible dialogue."

During the week several organizations also spoke out against the repressive attitude that was experienced with the agricultural workers, a sector that is mired in a permanent crisis after the trade agreements that government administrations have negotiated with other countries.

Several sectors of the country, after condemning the repressive action of last Tuesday, also requested that a dialogue should be established "without preconditions" and with the answers demanded by the agricultural sector.

Even the Church called both the government and the producers to engage in dialogue as one of the main ways to achieve consensus and for the welfare of this economic sector of the country.

The Permanent Committee of the Panamanian Synod expressed its concern about the levels of violence in which they have unleashed a series of protests in the agricultural sector that demand the evaluation of the signed trade agreements.

In the same way, the church recognized the abandonment in which the producers have remained. "Capital has been placed above the person, producing an abandonment of the land and the loss of the culture of work," said the bishops of the Panamanian Catholic Church.

For his part, the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, said he has always been willing to dialogue, but will not allow acts of violence that affect public order and alter social peace.

"To four months of government I am not in the capacity of renegotiating Free Trade Agreements that were previously negotiated, "said the Panamanian leader in his personal Twitter account, highlighting local newspaper reports. 


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