Judge last minute change: Martinelli will remain in custody

Ricardo Martinelli
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One day after granting motion for release on bond for former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, US District Judge Marcia G. Cooke reversed the order after admitting an emergency appeal filed by Miami prosecutors who alleged a "substantial" risk of flight.

Below the document signed by Judge Marcia G. Cooke:



This is the scenario before the reversal of the order

These are the conditions for Martinelli´s bail: The document issued by Judge Marcia G. Cooke was made public and establishes a series of conditions requested to grant release on bail to Panamanian former President Ricardo Martinelli: $ 1 million must be paid for bail request; Martinelli must provide residence address and is prohibited to change it without prior authorization of the Court; the former president must appear before the Court when notified; he cannot commit federal or state crimes; he must deliver identification documents (passport, visa); he cannot pledge, mortgage, encumber, ect., any property until the entire bail amount is paid; he is banned from visiting public transport facilities such as ports, airports, bus terminals, train stations, etc.



 Martinelli is the focus of attention in Panama

The Panamanian former president was notified of his release on bail by his lawyer Sidney Sitton. "I was pleased to notify former President Ricardo Martinelli of his release on bail. The judge admits that there are high chances that Atlanta Appeals Court may grant the Habeas Corpus and revokes extradition," he said a few minutes after leaving the federal prison in Miami where Martinelli was detained since June 12, 2017.

The leadership of the Cambio Democrático party (CD) issued a statement expressing satisfaction about the decision of the release on bail for Ricardo Martinelli. "Panama needs peace, unity and work to overcome the great challenges we have as a country. We hope to unite all the voices of the CD to achieve the change that the Panamanian people want, reads the text dated February 13.

Balbina Herrera, leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party and plaintiff in the proceeding against Martinelli for wiretapping, told TVN channel: "I think the most important thing is to be patient. We are not going to give up because he is already at home and will appeal and it may be told that extradition is not the right thing to do. At some point he will have to return to Panama. He is not going to be out forever."

According to the representative of the political party Movimiento Independente (Movin), Anette Planells, it is not a surprise that Martinelli is granted release on bail and highlighted that the extradition process continues. Planells told Telemetro that "if he is going to appeal, he can do it, but the most important thing is that he comes to Panama and faces justice."

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