Leaders of Cambio Democrático support  Martinelli in front of the Supreme Court

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  • Mon, 06/11/2018 - 23:39
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Several leaders of the Cambio Democrático party's board of directors, supporters, followers and friends of Ricardo Martinelli met in front of the Supreme Court of Justice in Panama City to support and demand to respect Ricardo Martinelli's constitutional rights. The former president and head of the party landed today in Panamanian territory to comply with the extradition order on the rebellion of failing to appear in court regarding the case of wiretapping.

Ricardo Martinelli's spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho, said that the fight was surrendered to Panama and that it was known that President Varela was not going to respect the law and the constitution, and that they were prepared legally and politically to face it and that the people was there in the court as well as in the Tucumén airport waiting for him. Ricardo Martinelli as the main political leader of Panama is going to raise the spirits of the Panamanian people who are frustrated by the economic and social disaster caused by the government of President Varela. I meet with all the politicians because the day that politicians stop talking, that day bullets will speak and nobody wants that for Panama.

In an exclusive interview with Panama Today, Jose Raúl Mulino said that

"I expect justice from justice, and to quickly empower Ricardo Martinelli's trial as established by the constitution and the criminal procedural code, because I am here as a lawyer and as a friend of Ricardo Martinelli so that the court will do justice as it should be and that the rules can be followed without violating Martinelli's rights. The pressure is not going to stop, the country is going to react as it is reacting and there is a lot of emotion, it is going to face its destiny at this time and from then on it depends on the strategy of his lawyers, but we are all confident."

Rómulo Roux, as president of the CD party said that "Ricardo Martinelli has told me he has aspirations; Ricardo wants to run for one or two popular election seats; there is nothing that prevents Ricardo from running; he has no impediment to run and would have the backing of the board.

We do not know if he can or not but his spokesmen have mentioned that he has no impediment.

The government has done this in a very bad way, evidently because of the hatred they have for Ricardo. They should have been more transparent with the party, with relatives, friends and the media; it is very important that we achieve that transparency. We have to get the government, the judicial system and everyone to respect his constitutional rights. It is worrisome that they first said they were taking him to one airport, then another. It is very worrying that we have the government putting its hand in the process of the extradition of Ricardo Martinelli and his arrival in the country.

We as parties will support and guarantee that his constitutional rights are respected.

We believe that we must practice unity as a party to win elections, and that is why we are here as a board of directors. We are supporting him and we are going to guarantee as a party that his constitutional rights are respected because he was a former president and we have to respect them.

It is important that his family and his lawyers can visit him. "

 Arturo Vallarino, very impressed by the reaction of the people added that "the arrival of Ricardo Martinelli in Panama will have a great impact, we are very happy because he has a very charismatic leadership because, as it has been seen, people from every area of Panama have come. It is an element of union, of consolidation and that will strengthen him substantially and prepare us to be a winning option in the next elections, and we will wait for the court to recognize his rights and he may soon be walking the streets of Panama. I am convinced of the innocence of the president; by applying due process, nobody can demonstrate responsibility in the only case in which he can be judged."

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