Lim Yueng: they want to intimidate journalists

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  • Thu, 09/06/2018 - 12:47
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During the demonstration staged by Panamanian journalists, this Wednesday, in favor of the freedom of expression, journalist Eduardo Lim Yueng believes there is an excess of complaints in an attempt to intimidate media professionals. "It's time, it's been less than a year for the elections and the search for prominence is going to take place ... Are there situations? Yes, can journalists also make mistakes? Yes, however one thing is the free exercise of journalism which is what we want and another are these complaints with the intention to intimidate.

Panama Today interviewed Lim Yueng regarding justice system in Panama. 

"Here we have and we need bold judges, bold magistrates who dare to decide what pursuant to law they believe they should decide. Not with fear of the media or the political powers. If this is just their decision, they cannot be held responsible in the future."

Regarding the issue of Ricardo Martinelli, Yueng said it is a case "that no matter if it is very attached to the law, it will be considered political" because of what the former president of Panama represents.

A large representation of the Panamanian journalism union attended a demonstration that took place in the Porras Park in Panama City. The journalists rejected the recent actions of public officials and figures who have filed millions of civil lawsuits against their work.

A high-ranking police officer filed a lawsuit requesting $ 2 million against the Nextv channel presenter, Guadalupe Castillero for alleged injuries; former first lady, Marta Linares de Martinelli took legal actions against a group of journalists from La Prensa newspaper; Deputy Carlos "Tito" Afú sued the same newspaper for 20 million dollars; TVN News also reported that the journalist Meredith Serracín has been the subject of a lawsuit for a tweet that she published without mentioning any specific person.

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