Marketing of medication against blood pressure is Prohibited

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  • Fri, 01/05/2018 - 15:11
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The director of the Social Security Fund, Alfredo Martiz, reported that the use and commercialization of the drug Lisinopril belonging to the Aurochem Pharmaceutical laboratory was suspended. The measure is due to a series of inconsistencies in the sanitary registry. “In the Panamanian market other Lisinopril ACE inhibitors are sold that are not affected by this measure. Any Lisinopril product that is not from the aforementioned laboratory can be used with full safety and tranquility,” Martiz said.

Alexander Pineda, a transplant patient, questioned the action and told TVN television that “decisions should be made with the patients in mind, the insured. Not thinking about the pharmaceutical industry.”

Verónica Padilla


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