Marta de Martinelli denies in her twitter accusations of La Prensa about Blue Apple case

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  • Fri, 03/09/2018 - 16:10
Marta de Martinelli
  • @martamartinelli

Marta de Martinelli, wife of ex president  Ricardo Martinelli denied today through her twitter account @martamartinelli the accusations today March 9 in the newspaper La Prensa about ties with corporations related to the Blue Apple case.

In her statement published today in her twitter, affirms not have received money or make any transactions as a "bridge" to generate activities against the law. In her letter she strongly rejects the constant attacks and intents of involving her and her family ( her sons) to any crime acts, inviting to investigate properly and let the public know the names of the people truly involved in this case.

Statements published today in the newspaper La Prensa, mention and accuse the sons of Ricardo and Marta Martinelli and relate them with the Blue Apple case, in which involve them in receiving bribes through a state contractor who was the middleman for the payments.

In the article mentions that information coming from the investigation without saying where or from who is coming from, revealed that Jorge Churro Ruiz, ex director of the (MOP), ordered Joaquín Rodríguez Salcedo, ex vice president of Factoring y Fianzas of Global Bank, to distribute $1.2 millions through two corporations that transferred money to the Corporación de Energía del Istmo, this one related to the Martinelli Linares brothers. The final destination of the money was the Lemar Foundation, where the ex president's wife is the legal representative. The other payment of $2 million dollars was supposely given to a contractor, through the MOP ex minister Jaime Ford, made to Corporación de Energía del Istmo.

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