Martinelli case: CSJ will continue session today

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  • Fri, 12/07/2018 - 09:22
Martinelli case: CSJ will continue session today
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On Thursday night, the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) through a meeting of the Plenary Session, did not reach a decision on the jurisdiction in the wiretapping case, also known as “pinchazos” case, so it was postponed until today at 9 in the morning, when the discussion is resumed.

The debate on the protection of Ricardo Martinelli will be attended by nine judges: Oydén Ortega (Magistrate), Cecilio Cedalise (Magistrate), Ángela Russo (Magistrate), Secundino Mendieta (Deputy Magistrate), Asunción Alonso (Deputy Magistrate), Wilfredo Sáenz (Substitute Magistrate), Efrén Tello (Substitute Magistrate), Luis Mario Carrasco (Substitute Magistrate), Abel Zamorano (Substitute Magistrate).

Upon the decision of the permanent session, Luis Eduardo Camacho Jr. valued the diffusion of the mass media when indicating that there are two options for Marinelli’s defense, at the same time indicating that "a power struggle exists that contravenes the constitution and its laws", so that both Jerónimo Mejía (Judge) and Harry Díaz (Prosecutor of the case) "have no jurisdiction and must allow Ricardo to pass into the hands of competent bodies, and this discussion is sterile."

"In case of recognizing that they have no jurisdiction, there will be an important contradiction, since you can not take into account a decision that for legal purposes has no jurisdiction, as in the case of Luis Jerónimo Mejía", concluded the defense lawyer.

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