Martinelli closes the year with complains of Human Rights Violations

Martinelli closes the year with controversies in Human Rights
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The year 2018 will be, unforgettable for Ricardo Martinelli, who beyond the guilty or innocent verdict, has claimed to be a victim of constant harassment and a personal persecution from the former president, more than the legal arguments given.

While the process of changing the jurisdiction of the case to the Supreme Court to avoid keep Jerónimo Mejía as the judge of guarantees of the case was successful, was only a small break after twelve months of constant complains and human right violations to Martinelli, his wife, Camacho and all his defending team.

His health issues has been one of the most important focus of his process, he was transferred from the jail El Renacer to a hospital several times without any notification to anyone, and he was sent back to his cell without corroborating the medical condition that originated a possible stroke.

This happened recently after he was sent to a public hospital and moved to another place without notifying anyone in a process which Marta de Martinelli, his wife, ended up been dragged by the security forces responsible for the process.

Marta de Martinelli herself assured in a press conference that Juan Carlos Varela has been in charge of removing the candidate for mayor of Panama from the National Hospital, at the same time Camacho, his spokesman, accused in his twitter account that the Nacional Police "dragged" the former first Lady of the Republic during the transfer.

Although Martinelli’s trial has been delayed a lot (as it was expected), the accusations of alleged wiretapping would not be a crime or reason to make him suffer such humiliations, and overlooked the request for a house for jail due to his condition, as well as the daily insults to his person.

Favorite as a candidate for mayor of Panama, Martinelli also was left without the benefit of receiving food or visits from his family, he only can have few visits for Christmas and New Year Eve, which could be extended to two hours.

Martinelli only enjoyed one hour on Christmas with his loved ones and for this next January 1, 2019, he will be allowed the visit of his family as established by decree 393 of July 25, 2005, article 254, but again it will last only one hour.

The document, signed by the Director General of the Penitentiary System, Etéreo Armando Medina, establishes part of what the law contemplates, by allowing him to be in contact with three of his relatives, however he omits another important one for the incarceration condition, the time exceeded without a trial, scheduled in 18 months that Martinelli already exceeded some time ago.

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