Martinelli defense has at least two options in wiretapping case

Martinelli defense has at least two options in wiretapping case
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Ricardo Martinelli’s defense in the legal accusations that he has in Panama, does not stop searching for evidence and legal ways to demonstrate that the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) does not have the jurisdiction to carry out the process, protected in that the former president is out of his chair as deputy during the indictment and detention.

The main alternative in the hands of Judge Oydén Ortega, is to take the case to the Accusatory Penal System (SPA), which would erase everything that has been done so far and this body would begin to have the jurisdiction of the case, as well as the recognition of the evidence and each of the details immersed.

The second starts by recognizing everything that Judge Jerónimo Mejía has done, so the assessment of evidence that was recently made would be in force and could proceed with the trial that Mejía himself convened to next December 11.

If the first scenario is met, Martinelli’s defense would maintain the protection of guarantees that it previously filed, so that the annulment of the entire case could be requested, taking into account that it would be a "legal absurdity", since the Court would not have jurisdiction but advanced to the intermediate stage, according to Adelita Coriat in La Estrella de Panamá.

Previously the prosecutor Harry Díaz requested the intervention of a third party in the case, which was admitted by the CSJ and that now, could be at risk in case of not having jurisdiction. Everything aside from the exhibition made by Jerónimo Díaz himself, who for 40 minutes devoted himself to explaining how the jurisdiction of the judicial body is maintained despite the resignation of Martinelli to the Parlacen.

Martinelli is still detained in El Renacer since mid-2017, where he has presented many variations to his health and has also denounced abuses against him, indicating that the whole process is a personal revenge on the part of Varela and that there is no reason to accuse him, much less , process him.

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