Martinelli denounces harassment in the hospital

Martinelli denounces harassment in the hospital
  • EFE

Former President Ricardo Martinelli was suddenly transferred in the early hours of Friday morning to Santo Tomás Hospital, which caused his blood pressure to rise and tachycardia, informed his wife, Marta Linares de Martinelli, through her social media.

According to local press, hospitalized at the National Hospital, Martinelli was in a normal routine of medical examinations as stipulated in Article 55 that Marta cited in her statements, however, after the approval of the director of the place, Etéreo Medina, the politic was transferred near 2 o’clock in the morning in an operation where his wife was beaten by police officers, according to Luis Eduardo Camacho in his twitter account.


His spokesman was also in charge of disseminating a letter written and signed by the defendant, in which he assures that this measure was carried out by "superior orders", blaming President Juan Carlos Varela directly. Marta de Martinelli cited the event in Divisa to highlight the rejection Varela has in Panama.

Attended in the Intensive Care Unit, Martinelli would also be receiving this Friday the dose of necessary drugs, because despite being expected them for Thursday, they were not received as it was planned.

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