Martinelli hospitalized last night, the audience is on hold 48 hours

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  • Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:33
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Magistrate Jerónimo Mejía is waiting for the medical report from the officials of El Renacer, after Ricardo Martinelli was hospitalized yesterday night at the Santo Tomás hospital due to high blood pressure and arrhythmia presented after the long accusatory hearing held on Monday.
The hearing expected on Tuesday at 9:30 am was resumed at 12 p.m. but suspended until further information regarding the ex president health condition. The defense complaints that the judge had a medical document staying that Martinelli can't be exposed to long hearings due to his delicate heart and blood pressure conditions, and yesterday's audience was all day long. Defense and his wife are afraid of Martinelli's possibility of sudden death due to the stress and pressure of the trial. The judge Mejía gave him 48 hours to recover before resuming the hearing.


According to his spokesman Luis Eduardo Camacho,  they are willing to kill him, we are warning the state department. This morning his wife Marta Martinelli did not know his status because they don't let her get in the hospital to see him.


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