Martinelli: I hope you don’t regret voting for Rómulo

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  • Mon, 01/22/2018 - 15:56
Letter signed by former President Ricardo Martinelli on social networks
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Sunday night began with the circulation of a letter signed by former President Ricardo Martinelli on social networks, concerning his reaction to the results of the internal elections of Cambio Democrático party.

"Many believe that they have defeated me, but they have failed to their party members and the entire country," Martinelli said.

"I hope you don’t regret voting for Rómulo as many people regret today having voted for Varela," reads another of the fragments of Ricardo Martinelli's letter, written in his own handwriting.

Marta de Martinelli asks Roux "not to be a president pleasing the government"

The former first lady and former vice president of the Cambio Democrático party, Marta Linares de Martinelli, recognized Romulo Roux's victory as the new president of the group, stating that "it is a democracy and we must accept it".

She said that for them the result is not a defeat; in her opinion, Ricardo Martinelli still feels he is the leader of the opposition and the CD party. She called for Unity and said she would remain monitoring that Cambio Democrático can continue to be an opposition party.

"The responsibility of the board of directors is being an opposition party and President Rómulo Roux has to be a president who defends the members of Cambio Democrático, the people who have been persecuted, and not to be a president who pleases the government; that is our only request," said Marta de Martinelli.

Regarding the possible candidacy of Rómulo Roux to the Presidency in 2019, she noted that it depends on a mandatory primary election within the party.

"We need to have a president of the board of directors and if he is going to be the candidate who will win in the primaries, because he has to go to the primaries, let's hope it belongs to the opposition," she said.

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