Martinelli ranks second as mayoral candidate

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  • Fri, 11/09/2018 - 13:40
Martinelli ranks second as mayoral candidate
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Ricardo Martinelli will be a mayoral candidate through the independent nomination, after counting the verification of signatures presented by Sergio Gálvez before the Electoral Court earlier this week. Of the slightly more than 12,000 signatures presented, 9,941 were validated, achieving 119.4%.

Although officially the amount estimated by the electoral body exceeded, the collection continues as the election rules indicate that the three independent candidates with the largest number of signatures will be recognized in the elections to be held.

While still in jail and in the judicial trial for alleged "wiretapping" in which no bail has been allowed and no ruling has been issued, the possible candidate for the Mayor's Office of Panama will accompany the member of his own party (Cambio Democrático), Gerald Cumberbacht, who got the number of signatures needed to stand as an independent mayoral candidate of San Miguelito.

The counting by the Electoral Court was given on November 6, with a list that until now is led by Raúl Rodríguez Estrada (10,145 signatures), Martinelli himself in second place, followed by Rogelio Robinson (2,350 signatures) and in fourth and fifth place, Raisa Banfield and Ana Ching respectively.

At the moment of speaking in percentage amounts, the success of Martinelli and Estrada is overwhelming taking into account that they have in their favor 40.7% and 39.9% of the firms counted respectively, so it is presumed that there will be no greater surprise in the elections where the winner will surely be one of these two candidates.

The current reality of former President Martinelli is a bit complicated not only because he is in jail, but because of his serious health condition, since he recently presented symptoms of a possible stroke and caused him to be transferred to an emergency hospital, to then be returned to his cell without any explanation or subsequent medical report and compared to the case of Fifer accused of withholding millions of dollars belonging to two companies, to which judges ordered medical evaluation to determine if he can attend trial due to his physical condition, which further evidences the constant accusations of political persecution denounced by Ricardo Martinelli on the government of Juan Carlos Varela, for the poor medical treatment he receives under the same conditions of frail health while his judicial process continues.

In view of the situation, Sergio Gálvez, deputy mayor of Martinelli in the event of a victory in the elections, has been in charge of the collection, delivery and validation of signatures before the Electoral Court and each of the regulatory entities of the process.


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