Martinelli resigns as deputy to the Central American Parliament

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  • Thu, 06/21/2018 - 19:31
Ricardo Martinelli
  • Ricardo Martinelli
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The spokesman of former President Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, tweeted the resignation of the former president as a deputy of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen). This thursday, the resignation of the position would have been notified to the regional legislative body.

"The decision is led by the innumerable and repeated violations of human rights and the fundamental guarantees of the former president by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Panama, which took cognizance of the political allegations that were filed against the until now deputy of the Parlacen, by virtue of the competition granted to him by the National Constitution," said Camacho through the official notice in which he adds that there has been a" violation of the conditions expressed by the Government of the United States", to make possible the extradition of Martinelli to Panama.

Local media have also published a letter from former President Martinelli where he reports on his resignation as deputy to Parlacen.

Judicial Body rejected two Habeas Corpus

Earlier in a communiqué, the Judicial Branch informed about the rejection of two habeas corpus in favor of Ricardo Martinelli.

"The first habeas corpus, whose speaker is Judge Angela Russo de Cedeño, was filed by Mr. Roberto Rudas Herazo, against the Ministry of Government and the National Security Council. This decision of the Plenary, was based on the fact that the deputy is under the orders of this Justice Corporation, and not as indicated by the plaintiff in filing the appeal, which he did against two authorities," this is
expressed in part of the letter.

Further on, the document explains the reasons that lead to the rejection of "the second habeas corpus resolved, under the presentation of the magistrate Abel Augusto Zamorano, filed by lawyer Jaime Marchosky, against guarantee magistrate Jerónimo Mejía. This rejection was based on the fact that the petition does not fit the procedural reality of the deputy of Parlacen, who is temporarily detained, in compliance with the personal precautionary measure, ordered by this Justice Corporation, and not by the guarantee magistrate, so said action has no basis to be filed".

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