Martinelli will not be vice president, but could be released soon

Martinelli will not be vice president, but could be released soon
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Luis Eduardo Camacho, spokesman for Ricardo Martinelli, said last week that the former president would accompany Rómulo Roux in his presidential campaign, assuming the possible responsibility of being the vice president in his hypothetical government. However, the former president said that despite supporting the candidate completely, his position is to remain as a candidate for mayor and deputy, from where he will rebuild the country.

Assuming that with the presence of Martinelli the Democratic Change party (CD) could be reunified, the criminal inmate, at this moment, said that "it is better to join the party with José Raúl Mulino or José Muñoz or José Domingo Arias”. Given these statement, the presidential candidate of the PRD, Laurentino Cortizo, said that the support for Roux had been withdrawn by Martinelli, information included in a press release corresponding to his campaign as reported by La Estrella de Panama.

Although this decision changes Roux's plans for the presidential campaign, the politician said that "I think it is very positive that former President Martinelli reiterates his support for my presidential candidacy, and I respect his decision not to aspire to a vice presidency."

Regarding Martinelli's imprisonment in El Renacer, things have only changed for worse, after be known, according to the lawyer Alma Cortés, that it is forbidden the entry of his family's food to the politician, something that himself confirmed by means of a letter written by his own hand.

"Every Sunday Varela and Picuiro increase the restrictions and violate my rights and my visitors’ rights. Today they prevented that friends and family bring me breakfast and foods, and worse, they don’t let them bring me books" is part of what can be read in the handmade document.

These measures condemned by various political sectors, including Rómulo Roux himself, have been described as personal, to the point of justifying them as "directly from the hatred that Juan Carlos Varela feels against him", according to Alma Cortés.

However, there is still hope for the possible release of Martinelli, covered by an appeal that could be presented before a judge of guarantees of the Accusatory Penal System (SPA), as indicated by the lawyer Roniel Ortiz emphasizing that after six months of preventive imprisonment, the defense can opt for a precautionary measure.

While waiting for a meeting with the former president, the defense also wants to coordinate a hearing with the SPA judge, in order to present a large list of human rights violations of the current mayoral candidate, including the recent one that prohibits the entry of food from his family.

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