Martinelli's case presents a major shift

Martinelli's case presents a major shift
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Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has faced many obstacles in his judicial process: clinical pictures, scandals, legal barriers and many issues that boast a personal quarrel by President Juan Carlos Varela, there is a new shift chapter to this process.

Journalist Adela Coriat, well known for her controversial investigations and 20 years of professional career, published this early Wednesday a new report on the Martinelli's case in the newspaper La Estrella de Panama, noting that an appeal was filed saying that Judge Oydén Ortega requested a change in the trial affirming that the Supreme Court of Justice has no jurisdiction to face the trial.

By means of a writ of amparo filed by lawyer Luis Eduardo Camacho (son), the draft ruling that circulated on Tuesday in social media revokes Jerónimo Mejía’s position before the request of the defense representing Martinelli on June 25 on the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

This petition declining jurisdiction was based on the former president’s resignation as deputy of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) and therefore, the judicial body lacks jurisdiction in this case. However, from Coriat's perspective (and of many), it is not fortuitous that the document submitted by Ortega was leak publicly.

With only three days away to the hearing of the verdict concerning the presented evidence, it seems that everything is moving in Martinelli's favor since besides the decision of the evidence in the case of "wiretappings", the victims confirmed that they have held meetings with the defense of the accused to reach a settlement.

The upcoming days will be key from next Monday, November 19, date to determine the evidence and know the date of the trial against Martinelli in case it is decided, including knowing the substitutes of Oydén Ortega and Jerónimo Mejía as announced by Juan Carlos Varela.

 In this fact, prosecutor Harry Díaz said that it is indeed a matter of debate; however, he recognizes that the Plenary of the Court should decide before the image of deputy or not related to Martinelli in the trial.

With the assumption of approval of the draft ruling, a new judge should be assigned to the case and the Accusatory Criminal System would be assigned and not the Supreme Court. The unrelated evidence would be the real problem which would result in starting from scratch, as long as the decision is made before November 19.

Although Coriat assures that consulted experts grant a possible  6-3 approval, he also cites the position expressed by Carlos Herrera, defense of one of the victims of the "wiretapping" case, and according to the journalist, the lawyer assures that "Judging by previous actions, I would be 5-4 against the draft ruling".

The truth is that Martinelli might serve prison for some months again with no judicial decision before the knowledge of this document, which must finally be approved and important decisions will be taken concerning his case.



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