Martinelli's defense approaches a possible agreement with plaintiffs

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  • Tue, 11/13/2018 - 08:47
Martinelli's defense approaches a possible agreement with plaintiffs
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Once defused the tensions around the health of Ricardo Martinelli, positive news may come for ex president Martinelli concerning his legal situation that keeps him imprisoned in El Renacer, the investigations concerning Rogelio Saltarin and the possible alteration of evidence and lawsuits,  with the investigations of current government officials may change the near future of Ricardo Martinelli.

Mitchell Doens told Efe that the former president sent the complainants a letter written by him, requesting a meeting between both parties to discuss the situation and the future of this trial that is currently in recess since last September 29, with a view to resume next November 19.

"Two meetings were held at the request of former President Martinelli, in writing, on October 27 and November 5 or 6," said Doens, referring to the conversations Martinelli's defense had with the accusers of the case of illegal wiretapping affecting several businesspeople and other personalities between 2012 and 2014.

Doens said that the defense of the former Panamanian leader made some proposals and based on this, there are some possibilities; however, to respect the confidentiality of the meetings he refused to give more details about what was discussed.

To the same extent he clarified that the meetings were carried out even indicating the date, the businessperson and victims of the alleged eavesdropping also spoke about the legal procedure that is still underway, stressing that next Monday "it is expected that the presiding judge issues a verdict on the evidence they have adduced", either to rule on the sentence of 21 years requested by the prosecution or in its absence, to demonstrate the theory of the defense of the accused, which ensures that only it is about a political persecution by Juan Carlos Varela.

Awaiting for Martinelli to go to trial or to be released, either on bail or for his innocence, the investigations carried out by Adela Coriat over the accusation of tampering with evidence to accuse the former president continue to raise criticism.

In the same way, Martinelli's health has taken a back seat at the moment due to the success in the collection of signatures to run as an independent mayor of Panama; however the case of the politician is delicate because he has been close to suffering a stroke that caused him to be transferred from urgent care to a hospital in which he lasted less than a day, before being transferred back to his cell.


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