Martinelli's defense rejects more than 80 objections filed by Prosecutor's Office and accusers

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  • Thu, 09/27/2018 - 23:23
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Prior to an electoral weekend within the Cambio Democrático party and which will decide the political future of Ricardo Martinelli, the hearing against the former president for the case of wiretapping continues. The presentation of the legal team of the former president will follow the arguments against the objections to the evidence filed by the Prosecutor's Office and the complainants.

"I believe that we clearly established that it is not possible to allow objections without conducting forensic computer science and forensic auditing, because they are key, precisely of the facts of which Martinelli is accused," said Sidney Sittón, Ricardo Martinelli's defense lawyer.

During the hearing the Presiding Judge, Jerónimo Mejía, asked the defense of Martinelli not to refute the totality of the objections filed by the Prosecutor's office and by the plaintiffs but the most important ones; however after a brief recess he reconsidered the decision.

In this sense, the defense lawyer, Carlos Carrillo, also said, "as we said initially, we opposed the fact that the autonomous prosecutor and the Prosecutor's Office were given a response when it was given, but if they were given response, we had to be given response; if not, this would have ended yesterday (Wednesday), but the breadth, the equality that the Magistrate invoked has respected what we think is the equality of the defense."


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