Martinelli's hearing enters in an indeterminate pause

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  • Sat, 09/29/2018 - 01:53
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This Friday Judge Jerónimo Mejía, declared himself incompetent regarding the request made by former President Ricardo Martinelli to go out to vote in the primary elections of Cambio Democrático (CD) on Sunday, September 30. After receiving the request of the defense of the former president and after listening to the Prosecutor’s Office and the complainants, after several hours of recess, Mejía announced the decision.

Part of the argument presented by the Magistrate before his decision was based on the fact that there are no rules on the right to vote of persons deprived of their liberty without trial, nor regulations on the part of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) for the deprived of their liberty to vote in primary elections, in addition to "the omissions of the defense and lack of clarity in his request".

Before leaving the seat of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) and while passing through the corridor in front of the press, Martinelli questioned the decision: "they are competent for some things and incompetent for others. All my rights have been violated. I am innocent. They will not let me go to vote, they have not charged me and I'm not even accused."

Carlos Carrillo, Martinelli's defense attorney said that they abided by the decision of Judge Jerónimo Mejía, "what we are doing is exhausting all the resources before the Plenary of the CSJ, as the Magistrate prosecutor said yesterday (Thursday) and publicly reiterated that it would be necessary to verify if they no longer have jurisdiction. If the Prosecutor himself tells you that he is not competent then we should look to the Court and the System for an answer."

The hearing now enters in an indeterminate pause after Ricardo Martinelli’s legal team vented to preserve their evidence. A few days ago, Judge Mejía asked for patience, as he will review each of the documents presented and review the recordings of the hearings held to date.

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