Martinelli's wife and defense are afraid for his life

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  • Wed, 07/11/2018 - 14:28
Ricardo Martinelli
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The former president was back in El Renacer prison after staying yesterday in the hospital Santo Tomas under intensive care due to a high blood tension and arrhythmia , according to his wife and lawyers he has been exposed to long hours in the hearing and he is not in a position to endure so long according to the doctor's letter that was presented to Judge Mejía. The defense and his wife fear the possibility of a sudden death of Martinelli due to the stress and pressure of the trial. 

The former first lady Marta Linares published recently in her Twitter account that the cardiologist of the former president "had recommended short audiences for his coronary condition." If something happens to Ricardo Martinelli will fall on the conscience of Jerónimo Mejía. Today the former first lady just published on her twitter that they have moved Ricardo Martinelli to the hospital for cardiac arrhythmias and denounces that they will kill him because of the pressure they are subjecting him to.

According to his spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho, the complaints are also following, they are ready to kill him, we are warning the State Department.

Today the plenum of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama did not admit  an appeal presented by the defense of former President Ricardo Martinelli, who requested that the cause of the illegal wiretapping for which he was tried in the highest court be referred to an ordinary court .

"By majority" the nine magistrates "do not admit the Protection of Constitutional Guarantees, presented by the defense of the deputy of Parlacen, against the decision of the magistrate of Guarantees", reported briefly this Wednesday the Judicial Body through its Twitter account.

Martinelli's defense argues that the resignation of the former president to the post of deputy of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), at the end of last June, automatically eliminated the cause of listening to the sphere of the Supreme Court, the body that, according to the Panamanian law , you must prosecute the legislators.

However, the magistrate judge of Guarantees in case of illegal interceptions, Jerónimo Mejía, determined on June 26 that the highest court maintained the jurisdiction to prosecute Martinelli because the former president "was undoubtedly a deputy" of Parlacen when the brief was filed of accusation against him on October 9, 2015.

The presentation of the accusation on that date by the prosecutor magistrate, Harry Diaz, who asks for 21 years in prison for the former president, resolved the "competence" in a "definitive" way in the Supreme Court, argued Mejía.

"It is not the same to renounce the Parlacen when there is no accusation." We have already seen that the accusation establishes a definitive competence, changing the rules of the game in this point, based on the will of a procedural subject, the accused, making the process enter into problematic situations, can not be a constitutionally valid objective, " added the magistrate judge of Guarantees.

Currently faces the intermediate or accusatory hearing, in which, among others, the judge of Guarantees must evaluate the full range of expert evidence, documentary and based on the testimony that must be presented in the oral trial, which must be convened once completed this phase, which began on June 25.

In total, Díaz asks for 21 years in prison for Martinelli: 4 for the crime of interception of telecommunications without judicial authorization; 4 for unauthorized pursuit and surveillance; 10 for embezzlement of funds for theft or misappropriation of funds; and 3 years for misuse of use.

The prosecutor confirmed that at the oral hearing he will present documentary and testimonial evidence, such as the statements of more than 70 people, mainly of the victims of the punctures, as well as former security officials.

Among the testimonies that Díaz announced that he was president, Juan Carlos Varela, as well as presidents Ernesto Pérez Balladares (1994-1999), Martín Torrijos (2004-2009) and the former vice president. Samuel Lewis Navarro (2004-2009), among other senior officials.

In almost an hour and a half, Díaz presented 11 elements of condemnation that link Martinelli, proof of 74 testimonial tests and 48 documents, as well as two other expert evidence that will be evaluated before the oral test stage.

He also announced that 72 documents will be used to "refresh the memory and / or overcome or show contradictions", which consist of interviews and statements made before the prosecution, as well as a copy of the 7 books with the results of the eye inspection procedure in a email and other legal proceedings.

As for the material evidence to present in the oral trial, the prosecutor announced eight evidences, among which include laptops, hard drives and compact discs.

The defense announced that all resources will be exhausted "We will continue to present the corresponding resources because this is the time to purge," said Carlos Carrillo, Martinelli's lawyer.

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