Mayin Correa and Carmen Boyd watch over Martinelli's rights

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  • Mon, 06/11/2018 - 19:11
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According to the leader of Cambio Democrático (CD), Mayin Correa, who was persecuted during Noriega's time, is supporting and monitoring that President Martinelli's rights are not violated, because since he arrived he has been deprived of his fundamental rights according to the Panamanian constitution.

The leader spoke with Panama Today and said: "The people who are here today from all over the country are the reaction provoked by a true leader,

Leaders who are born with certain qualities provoke hatreds like the hatred that Varela has for Martinelli, and provoke loves like what the people who are here in the rain feel.

Martinelli is a former president who won with 69% in the elections,

We are reacting to the arrival of a Panamanian leader, former president of the country, who changed this country, Martinelli led a government like no other; a government of creative development of drive, of work, Varela, you have ruined everything, we are ruined, you are borrowing, selling bonds and you do not demonstrate anything. Martinelli's leadership is proven, that's why he has Panamanians here, that's what a real leader does.

If the laws are not respected we will have to continue fighting just like Noriega's time, they imprisoned us, exiled us, kicked us, locked us up, no, that cannot return, we are going to fight so that the rights of a former president are respected.

I'm going to show him the recordings made to me by President "Toro" Balladares, and that he gave to Mirella to prove that I spoke badly of her, everyone has recorded, recorded for good and for evil; and now, the worst human rights violators are the plaintiffs of the wiretaps suits".

Carmen Boyd in turn as a follower and member of CD also said that the arrival in Panama of former President Ricardo Martinelli has been very important because his followers from all the regions have begun to arrive. It has created a stir in the networks since the news was heard.

This has caused many people to jump the fence and join the Ricardo Martinelli group and we welcome all of them with open arms because we are not short-tempered. There must be unity in the party to reach 2019 and succeed, without unity we cannot win the elections, and that is the most important thing, unity with justice, that is what we ask for.

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