The metro of Panama transported 2.6 million people during the WYD

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  • Wed, 01/30/2019 - 19:58
Metro Panama
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At least 2.6 million people transported the metro of Panama during the World Youth Day (WYD), with only 55 attended by dehydration and six by falls on stairs, reported this Wednesday an executive of the entity that administers the service.

The Director of Operations of the metro of Panama, Luis Díaz, specified to channel 2 TVN Media that during the week of January 22 to 27, that number of users was transported in an "arduous work of coordination" between the entities linked to land transport.

According to metro statistics, in normal days, 4.1 million people would have been transported in that six-day period, but it was planned for an increase due to the massive arrival of pilgrims.

In that activity the subway, which two days before had been stopped by a general blackout in the country that lasted four hours, the suburban was only stopped accidentally "two minutes" by a minor failure, detailed Díaz.

Between last Saturday and Sunday, the service was provided uninterruptedly, availability was 99.99 percent, said Díaz, who "congratulated" all the workers on lines 1 and 2 of the subway that offered their support to the success of the operation.

Only "at dawn on Sunday 27 we transport 10,000 people to the Metro Park", the place where Pope Francis celebrated the final mass of WYD with the participation of some 750,000 people, according to the organizers of the religious activity.

The representative of the state entity that manages the subway explained that next weekend will be placed in the hands of the builder of line 2 the facilities to continue with the work.

For the WYD, the constructors, a consortium between the companies Odebrecht from Brazil and FCC from Spain, hurried the set-up of the line and finished five of the 16 stations that the route has for its rail way of more than 21 kilometers between the east and the north of the capital, where it connects with line 1, which goes from north to south.

This will allow -Díaz said- that the consortium complete the works of the remaining eleven pending stations, make final adjustments and continue with the repair of the sidewalk affected by the construction, because it is part of the construction contract.

Almost 2,000 million dollars invested in Panama on line 2 of the metro, a figure similar to what it assigned to line 1, which was also built by the same consortium and is in operation since 2014.

Díaz recalled that line 2 will serve more than half a million people living in the eastern sector of the capital, for which it will have 12 trains with capacity for a thousand people.

He specified that, according to the contract, the consortium must deliver the operating metro on May 7, but it is expected that this will happen in the last days of April.


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