Navarro demands impartiality from the Electoral Tribunal

Juan Carlos Navarro
  • Telemetro Reporta capture

The leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Juan Carlos Navarro, described the actions of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) as biased in favor of the National Government. According to the former presidential candidate, the Electoral Branch has only issued rulings against opponents. In statements offered to the Telemetro channel, Navarro said: “how do you run down Cortizo and Solís through some fences and for trivialities when in his face the government violates the law every day. If the TE does not establish order as soon as possible, with clear statements and examples, we will have a serious problem with the next election.”

Navarro questioned the role of the Government in matters of security. In his opinion, crime is one of the main problems that the country has.

The political leader considers that the priority of the next Government should be a Constituent Assembly, although he believes that there are changes that can be made immediately such as turn over the control of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) in the hands of the Government, “it is the Security Council that decides which evidence and investigations it sends to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. It is absurd. This branch (DIJ) must be at the service and orders of the Attorney General’s office so that there is total transparency and impartiality in all investigations.”

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