New stage of diplomatic relations with the United States

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  • Sat, 03/10/2018 - 19:36
Embajada EEUU
  • Embajada de Estados Unidos en Panamá

On Friday, March 9, Roxane Cabral temporarily assumed the leadership of the US Embassy in Panama after John Feeley’s resignation. Cabral has a 20-year career as a diplomat and since August 2017 she held the position of advisory minister at the US embassy to Panama.

A day earlier, John Feeley announced his resignation to the workers of the US embassy. "We appreciate his leadership and devotion during two years of extraordinary service in Panama, which charted the course towards a deeper collaboration between our two countries," wrote the diplomatic delegation to Panama on Twitter.

The reasons for resignation

Feeley explained his decision of resigning as the United States ambassador to Panama in an op-ed in The Washington Post. According to the text, the president’s failure to condemn the white supremacists that provoked the violence in Charlottesville, in August 2017, was the reason that led him to make this decision. He explained that the "traditional core values ​​of the United States" have been warped and betrayed and were not his values. He mentioned the policies that he considers foolish, such as the promulgation of a country-specific travel ban, the push to build a wall along the Mexican border and to expel the dreamers, the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the "belligerent renegotiating" of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Read article by John Feeley

The former Ambassador wrote that his resignation letter was leaked to make people believe that he resigned over policy decisions, but he made clear at this time since, after the concreteness of his resignation, he is no longer oath-bound to support the president of the United States and his policies.

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