OEA Mission congratulates Panama on electoral process

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  • Tue, 05/07/2019 - 07:06
OEA Mission congratulates Panama on electoral process
  • OEA Mission - Andres Pastrana

An observer mission of the Organization of American States highlighted the transparency of the general elections held on Sunday in Panama.

Former Colombian President Andrés Pastrana, head of the OEA Electoral Observation Mission, told reporters that the figures on the unofficial results compiled by the 62 members of the group coincide and are "coherent" with those of the Electoral Tribunal.

The report offered by Pastrana does not account for "very large" or "specific" incidents that varied or were not consistent with the first unofficial results.

Pastrana pointed out that "if an event had been presented that did not give the results consistent between what are the reports that we had in our own collection, compared to what the Electoral Tribunal proposed, we would have said it."

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