Only 6 of 18 independents formalized aspiration to the Presidency of Panama

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  • Fri, 01/04/2019 - 17:13
Tribunal Electoral de Panamá
  • Tribunal Electoral de Panamá

Only six of the eighteen presidential candidates for the free postulation formalized their aspiration and presented their deputies for the general election on May 5, the Panamanian Electoral Tribunal (ET) reported today.

The period of electoral registration for the independents, finished, the candidates who presented their documentation were the ex-general prosecutor and independent deputy Ana Matilde Gómez, whose vice-president is the Panamanian ex-Minister of Agricultural Development and farmer agricultural producer Arango.

In addition, the ex-deputy of the (ruling) Partido Panameñista, Marco Ameglio, who will postulate with the former ambassador Mario Boyd; the aspirant Dimitri Flores with the former general manager of the Colon Free Zone Surse Pierpoint; and the lawyer Ricardo Lombana who will postulate with the ex-magistrate of the ET, Guillermo Márquez.

Gerardo Barroso, whose formula partner is Ana María Pinto and Francisco Carreira with Lina Vargas.

Only the presidential pre-candidate and constitutionalist expert Miguel Antonio Bernal said in a statement his discomfort with the process of recognition of the signatures and he did not postulated as a presidential candidate.

The Electoral Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating a complaint about the inclusion of signatures of children, decedents and foreigners in the books of independent candidates.

The entity reported that after this date, no documentation will be accepted to certify candidacies, and mentioned that January 5 is the last day for the collection of signatures.


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