Panama and Costa Rica only support a democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis

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  • Sat, 02/23/2019 - 16:37
Panama and Costa Rica only support a democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis
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The presidents of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, and Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, affirmed that they only support a democratic exit and based on dialogue for the crisis that Venezuela is going through.

"Both presidents, both governments, are committed to the return to democracy in Venezuela, with a Venezuelan exit to the crisis that occurs in that country, in peace, with dialogue", said Varela in a joint appearance with Alvarado.

Both presidents held a working meeting on Wednesday in the Panamanian town of Boquete, located in the province of Chiriquí, on the border with Costa Rica, in which they discussed bilateral issues such as migratory flows, security and tourism.

Varela indicated both his administration and the Costa Rican government maintain a "permanent dialogue with the interim president" of Venezuela, the leader of the Parliament, Juan Guaidó, whom "both governments recognize, and also with the sectors of the de facto regime", referring to the second mandate of Nicolás Maduro, which began on January 10.

That permanent communication with both sides seeks to pay for an exit to the Venezuelan crisis "in dialogue, in peace, in democracy", reiterated Varela.

For his part, President Alvarado said that "in a very categorical way", his Government advocates "for a peaceful and democratic solution" to the Venezuelan situation.

"And I want to be categorical also saying that Costa Rica does not support or see any action that involves military actions of any kind, Costa Rica will not be supporting this type of action should happen”, the Costa Rican president added.

Venezuela has been mired in a political, social and economic crisis for years, which has worsened with the presidency of Maduro, whose second term is not recognized by the Venezuelan opposition, which argues that it was the product of electoral fraud.

In this context, Guiadó was proclaimed interim president and has given priority to the entry of humanitarian support in the country, despite the refusal of Maduro, who considers that such assistance hides a plan for a supposed US military intervention.

Panama and Costa Rica are part of the so-called Lima Group de Lima, which does not recognize Maduro's second term and calls for democratic and credible elections in Venezuela.



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