Panama Canal performance reviewed

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  • Mon, 11/26/2018 - 15:59
Panama Canal discusses with its ad honorem advisory board its performance
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The Board of Directors and the Administration of the Panama Canal (ACP) began a meeting today with its ad honorem Advisory Board, to analyze the performance of the way through which about 6 percent of world trade passes.

During this meeting, which takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and will last three days, the following things will be discussed: the performance of the Canal, complementary business opportunities, industry trends, the national water security plan, and the advances in the construction of the Atlantic Bridge and the new Gatun landfill.

"The feedback and knowledge that the ad honorem Advisory Board members provide are of tremendous value for the Panama Canal due to their experience in multiple areas of the economy and world trade," Jorge Quijano, the administrator of the ACP, said in a public statement.

The ACP recalled that the Advisory Board is a body that was formally constituted in 1997 and acts as an advisory board with the primary responsibility to provide guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Waterway Administration.

The board "is constituted by Panamanian and foreign advisors with extensive experience in international business in the area of ​​world trade and commerce, business, telecommunications, civil construction, development, banking and academic sector", and in a year "they meet once or twice, in Panama or in a city linked to the maritime industry," he added.

The ACP delegation, in addition to meeting with the Advisory Board, "will visit the Port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe, the automated container terminal of APM Terminals Maasvlakte II BV, and the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal, which is the LNG hub in Europe."

It will also "visit other companies in the industry such as Wittenveen+Bos, which offers consulting and engineering services worldwide in multidisciplinary infrastructure, water, environment, space development and construction projects, and Kloosterboer Cool Port BV in the supply chain area of refrigerated products," an official statement indicated.

The ACP presented a budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year amounting to 3,239.5 million dollars, more than the 3,037.5 million of the previous year, and in which it provides direct contributions to the National Treasury for 1,736.6 million of dollars, 77 million more than the current calculation.

The Panamanian interoceanic highway connects more than 140 maritime routes and 1,700 ports in 160 different countries.


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