Panama celebrates 115th anniversary of separation from Colombia

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  • Sat, 11/03/2018 - 14:24
  • Presidencia de la República de Panamá

With reveille, colorful parades and orchestras from public institutions and schools, Panamanians today commemorated the 115th anniversary of the country's separation from Colombia.

"This is such a great party the Panamanians are celebrating in the 2018 reveille. # 115añosPanama # VivaPanamá", wrote the Presidency of Panama on Twitter, posting videos of President Juan Carlos Varela waving the flag while listening with other people to the reveille at 5.00 local time (10.00 GMT).

As it is customary, the president and his wife, Lorena Castillo, as well as officials and the general public began the celebration to the sound of cornets and drums at the seat of the Government, located across the Bay of Panama.

"Thanks to all the orchestras of our security bodies that each year shine to sound the reveille of the presidency one of the most special moments of our patriotic month. # 115yearsPanama #VivaPanama," wrote President Varela on Twitter.

Towards the middle of the morning of this Saturday they began the parades at The Herons Palace, with the participation of the different State institutions.

The most striking parades are those of the security agency and school bands.

It is a tradition. This anniversary that recalls the beginning of the republican life of Panama from 1903 is commemorated with schoolchildren and Government body parades.

The parades are the biggest attraction, which sometimes highlights the misuse of clothing and the change of the flag and national coat of arms, said the member of the National Commission of the Nation Symbols (Conasina) and historian, Rommel Escarreola.

Escarreola recalled that the country has a regulation for the use of national symbols dating from 2012, and said that most likely errors in its use "will be less repeated " over time.

The historian regretted that commercially, for example, the fervor of promoting national holidays is not so much felt as with other foreign celebrations that "has no relation with the historical value of the nation and the State, causing confusion".

But certainly, the delegations of the government ministries, the police, the firemen, unions, main schools, musical bands, women wearing the pollera (Panamanian national dress) in their different shapes and colors, are and will be the soul of the patriotic celebration.

Panamanians will continue their national holiday and pay tribute on Sunday November 4 to the National Symbols; next Monday, November 5 they will commemorate the consolidation of the separation of Colombia in the city of Colón.

On November 10, Panama will continue with the commemoration of the popular uprising that took place in 1821 against colonial Spain known as the "First Scream of Independence of the Villa de Los Santos", and will close the holidays on the 28th, when it will be evoked the independence of Panama from Spain in 1821, two months later than the rest of the countries of Central America.

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