Panama declares emergency on the border with Costa Rica for bovine brucellosis

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  • Thu, 08/30/2018 - 18:39
bovine brucellosis
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The Panamanian authorities have decreed a state of emergency in the border with Costa Rica in order to intensify a campaign to prevent, control and eradicate bovine brucellosis, which has been detected in near a score of herds in the area, an official source reported.

The emergency declaration was published in the official gazette dated August 29, 2018, which recognizes the affected border zone and adjacent areas with Costa Rica.

There have been implemented measures to control animal movement, stamping out and intensifying epidemiological surveillance of herds, slaughter plants, auctions and milk collection centers, according to the official document.


The state of emergency foresees that the Ministry of Agricultural Development are agreeing with other institutions responsible for public health, animal health and with the security bodies, the application of the actions that are necessary for prevention, control and eradication of bovine brucellosis in the determined area.

Public institutions of the agricultural sector in the western province of Chiriquí will make available to the National Directorate of Animal Health support staff, veterinarians, agricultural technicians and the corresponding logistics for the implementation of the action plan, says the official gazette.

Among the arguments to declare the emergency, it is mentioned that at the end of 2017 an increase in the number of reactors was observed in the diagnostic tests for the detection of bovine brucellosis, with two herds officially quarantined.

Also, as a result of the intensification of the epidemiological surveillance, new outbreaks have been detected: 23 herds until April and 18 in June, with an unusual increase in the behavior of the disease in the border and adjacent areas with Costa Rica.

The official gazette reminds that bovine brucellosis is an infectious-contagious disease of worldwide distribution, which can be transmitted to humans, for which it can be a serious, debilitating and sometimes chronic condition that affects various organs.


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