Panama remains firm in its commitment against terrorism

foro de seguridad
  • @MtroDelRosarioJ

This Tuesday Panama hosts a security forum in which the strengthening of border and migration controls is discussed, as well as international cooperation aimed at the prevention and fight against terrorism and its financing, in an activity led by the Organization of American States (OAS) looking to expand international collaboration in this area.

As part of the event, the head of the Public Safety portfolio, Jonattan Del Rosario, took the floor to say that this type of exchanges facilitates Panama's growth in matters of security and international relations, as well as strengthening its capabilities and the exchange of good information practices with an interagency approach in search of reaching the anti-terrorism objectives worldwide.

"The implementation of standards without a doubt require a sustained commitment in time and should transcend the current Government, and that also demands greater will of all the member States of the international community with mechanisms of information exchange" the official informed EFE emissaries.

This activity, which ends on Thursday, left the statements made by the Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) of the OAS, indicating that under the mandate of President Juan Carlos Varela, progress and reforms made in anti-terrorist matters have been important at the legal and institutional levels, thanks to a robust legal framework that has been implemented in these actions.

Just one year after the Panamanian pro tempore presidency in CICTE, the impulses and proposals made by the country for the exchange of information and cooperation as means to prevent terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction continue to be in force.


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