Panama speaks out against corruption

  • Personalities did not hesitate to pronounce on the protest
  • Panamá Today

More than a thousand people protested peacefully this Tuesday in what was called “March against corruption”, after the scandals that have shaken the country. The demonstration was made up of civil society organizations.

“Enough. No more corrupt governments” and “Prison for the corrupt” was what could be read on some of the protesters’ banners.

Similarly, personalities did not hesitate to pronounce themselves on the protest. The musician and singer, Rubén Blades, assured that “not everything is lost” when publishing a photo of the assistance that the demonstration had. “Today they went out to the streets to conmemorate our January martyrs and expose the corruption that sustains them,” Blades wrote.

The Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Mario Etchelecu, characterized the meeting as being “valid”. However, he cautioned that “[one must be careful] with those corrupt people who try to ‘camouflage themselves’ in healthy initiatives.”

The vice president and Panamanian chancellor, Isabel de Saint Malo, also agreed with Etchelecu and said that “there seems to have been more awareness about the cost of corruption.” Saint Malo added that the government has been firm in the fight against corruption.

The lawyer and politician, Guillermo Cochez, wrote on his Twitter account that he hoped that the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, has listened to the message of the population.

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