Panama stopped today with their team’s debut in the 2018 World Cup

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  • Mon, 06/18/2018 - 19:54
  • EFE

The Panamanian city came to a full stop today for more than 90 minutes to appreciate its senior soccer team’s debut at the 2018 World Cup, against Belgium, in Sochi, Russia.

The Panamanian fans - who did not make the trip to Russian lands, all dressed in red - gathered in different parks of the Central American country, where they could see the game from start to finish on giant screens.

The emotional moment in the Urracá Park, located in the Panamanian Coastal Strip, occurred when the Panamanian anthem sounded. From the smallest to the largest, they sang at the top of their lungs, before the images of the Panamanian players on the screen.

At the start of the game, Panamanian flags were raised, which adorned each of the venues where giant screens were placed to appreciate the game.

Each touch of the Panamanian squad was applauded and cheered by the fans, who despite the heat and high humidity that existed in the Panamanian capital never stopped encouraging.

In the central part of the capital, at Plaza Cinco de Mayo, there was another party. In this area a family atmosphere was observed, where children dressed in the colors of the Panamanian team.

In this place, Panamanians applauded at the end of the first half, when their warriors made them dream by finishing 0-0 on the scoreboard.

At the start of the second half everything was happy face until the first goal was scored, a situation that changed the faces of many, who saw their team fall into the game.

That image was repeated in the other two goals, but between goal and goal, many had the hope that the Panamanians would score their first goal in the World Cup, which did not happen in this game.

The clear arrival of Michael Amir Murillo,  and the entrance of Ismael Díaz lifted the fans, despite losing.

Another scenario, where this first match was lived, was the building of the Mayor's Office of Panama, where several screens were installed to see this historic game.

With the 3-0 on the scoreboard, fans began their return to their daily lives, others were frozen in front of the screen as if they could not believe what was happening, while others smiled and applauded, despite the defeat, highlighted the courage of their team.

The Panamanian team will return to the field next Sunday to play their second match in the World Cup, this time the rival of the Central American red will be the English team. EFE

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