Panama under heavy security measures for Mike Pence visit

Panama under heavy security measures for Mike Pence visit
  • EFE

The Panamanian government is implementing strong security measures starting today as US Vice President Mike Pence arrives Thursday for an official visit, with will closes his first tour on Latin America.

Pence will hold a public agenda tomorrow that includes a private meeting with the country's president, Juan Carlos Varela, and a speech in a Canal area, built and administered by the United States for almost 100 years until he delivered it to Panama in 1999.

The United States is the first user of the inter-oceanic route, which accounts the 6% of world trade: between October and May, it accounted for 68.7% of the cargo transit in the Canal, followed by China with 30.7 % and Japan with 11.6%, according to official sources.

Security measures for the presence of the US Vice President began to rule on Wednesday in Panama with a ban on the use of drones, parachuting activities and the flight of ultralight aircraft, which will be in force until next Friday.

The Panamanian government said yesterday, that the US Vice President's visit, which will focus on security measures, "underscores Panama's regional leadership and the strong relationship between the two nations."

On the other hand, the Frente Amplio para la Democracia (FAD) political movement announced that they will protest on Thursday against Pence's visit, "because his country continues to sow hatred in Latin America."

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