Panama will host China Fair in 2019

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  • Mon, 11/12/2018 - 22:26
Panama highlights exporters’ successful participation in China fair
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Panama-China trade relations continue on the prosperous path after Juan Carlos Varela administration entry into the Asian market, with all exchanges and visits that have generated benefits and criticism equally.

This time, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI), accompanied by the representation of the business sector of Panama, took advantage of its visit to China to receive the flag of the 13th China-LAC Summit in the Panamanian capital next 2019. The Recognition was delivered in Zhuhai and the proposal is jointly worked by the MICI and the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP).

This agreement comes after the Canton Trade Fair and the Shanghai Trade Fair, which between October 28 and November 10 opened the doors to Panamanian trade in Asian lands, where it is a treaty with the Trade Center International of China and also an export contract for pineapples from Panama.

Precisely during the celebration of both economic fairs, President Juan Carlos Varela visited Xi Jinping and made an appearance in the activities, the activities of nervousness in the United States for a possible change of supplier in the commercial field,  in which precisely the North American country appears as the main client of Panama, both in the daily business and in the activity in the Free Port Zone.

China, second partner in importance and investment in the Puerto Libre Zone, received new proposals from Panama with open arms and in addition to trade proposals, cultural exchanges will also be announced on November 18 with the performance of a theater group from the Asian country in Panamanian lands.

In the framework of these negotiations, the participation of the company "Hermanos Varela" also had a space in the table of public debate against the national agent, in the sense of using Panamanian resources and taxes to obtain own benefits. The businessmen that traveled to China, as part of a Panamanian delegation in trade and business matters, of course, are a clear advantage for Varela around this activity.

With the phrase "We are a neutral, sovereign, dignified country", the president of Panama settled the issue of the United States regarding the relations with China, which dates from June 2017. While in the case of favoring its family business, the Panamanian president said that far from being advantaged by his position, it is the company with the largest export of Panama, besides being up to date with its taxes and paying each of their expenses in each action they carry out. In the same way, the brother of the president and also executive vice president of the aforementioned company, Luis Varela, said that the trade relation of his company with China, dates from about 5-6 years ago thanks to the sale of rum "El Abuelo", its main product.


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