Panama will join the celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day

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  • Wed, 10/10/2018 - 12:54
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Panama will join the World Migratory Bird Day, a commemoration that is celebrated in most countries of the continent and whose goal is to promote the conservation of these species, their organizers reported today in the Central American country.

The director of the Panamanian NGO Adopt a Panama Rainforest (ADOPTA), Guido Berguido, told EFE that Panama is one of the few countries in the world where as many migratory birds as possible come from the north or the south every year.

"At this time of year, if you look at the sky, you can see hundreds of thousands, even millions, of migrating birds, a spectacle that is not seen in many countries of the world and we are very lucky," he said.

The main activity will take place in the Summit Municipal Park, located on the shores of the Panama Canal, and will range from talks to fancy dress contests and drawings, the environmentalist added.

The World Migratory Bird Day was created in 1993 by the American NGO Environment for the Americas, which is dedicated to raising awareness in society about the importance of respecting the cycle of bird migration.

The biologist Susan Bonfield, of Environment for the Americas, indicated to EFE that in Panama more than 350 migratory species converge every year and that the ones that usually take the trip first are the shorebirds.

Among the actions that Bonfield recommended to facilitate the migration of birds and contribute to their conservation is not to frighten them when they are resting on a tree and keep the cats inside the houses to avoid attacks.

"These are things that seem simple, but they are very important for migratory birds and their survival," added the specialist.

Source- EFE

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