Panama will prepare for the arrival of Chinese tourists with workshops

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  • Tue, 07/17/2018 - 18:46
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Companies and institutions linked to tourism will be prepared in the first seminar - specialized workshop "Preparing Panama for Chinese tourism", with the objective of providing a high quality service before the arrival of that market to the country, informed today the Tourism of Panama (ATP).

The workshops, which will begin on August 14, will be divided into two sessions, the first for employees of the private sector, and the second for institutional staff working in airports, the National Customs Authority, the National Migration Service and the Tourism Police, the entity explained in a statement.

"The phenomenon of Chinese tourism is relatively new in our country, due to the attention of this kind of tourists, many with purchasing power, it is important that the staff that will be responsible for providing services know their culture, what we see as normal, is different for them," said Panama's promoter in the Chinese market, Sandra Chang.

Chang said that as soon as the government of the People's Republic of China validates the list of Chinese and Panamanian tour operators that will start commercial relations, tourists from the Asian nation would begin to arrive.

Among the topics that will be addressed in the workshop are: The essence of being Chinese," "Management of body language," "Main obstacles in intercultural communication with Chinese tourists," "Basic rules of etiquette of dealing with Chinese tourists" and "Development of China and its impact on the behavior of its citizen".

The first inductions will take place at the Atlantic Pacific Convention Center (Atlapa), in the Panamanian capital free of charge for tour operators, travel agencies and officials who have first contact with tourists.

Panama and China established diplomatic ties in June 2017, to the detriment of Taiwan, which has given a great impetus to the already fluid bilateral trade relations.

Panama has high expectations with Chinese tourism, and the country's authorities have said they expect the number of visitors from that nation to double with the direct flight between Beijing and Panama City, operated since April 5 by the state Air China frequently Thursday and Sunday.

President Juan Carlos Varela said on March 19 that in 2017 only 22,000 Chinese tourists arrived in the country, and that the goal that his Government has proposed is that this figure will rise to 50,000 this year and to 150,000 in 2019.

According to the World Tourism Organization, China is the largest tourist market in the world and is ranked among the five countries with the highest rate of expenditure, in addition, trips abroad have increased 270 percent more and it is forecast that by 2020 reach 200 million departures.


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