Panamanian Evangelics, Christians and Catholics prepare massive demonstration against gay marriage

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  • Tue, 03/06/2018 - 18:51
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  • Oscar Sulbarán

The Evangelical Alliance of Panama, the Catholic Church and pro-life groups will stage today the "Great demonstration for the Panama we deserve" in defense of the "original design" of family, against gay marriage and gender ideology.

Attorney Corina Cano, of the Alliance, said today in Panamanian television that the march will be "peaceful" and will depart from two points in the capital, towards the National Assembly of Deputies and the Supreme Court of Justice, to manifest the "decision" of the majority of Panamanians rejecting "gender ideology".

"We have to defend family as the basis of society, we cannot allow international organizations to attempt against it, and many Panamanians are aware today of what gender ideology is about," said the lawyer, who urged to stage a “peaceful” demonstration.

Cano "regretted" that the government of Panama voted at the UN in support of a motion that "strips parents of the right to educate their children and grants it to the State".

The Catholic Church called from all the pulpits to the participation of thousands of churchgoers, dressed in white, in the demonstration, which will begin at about 3:00 pm local time (20:00 GMT) at the emblematic Via España, and will join the demonstrations of the about 500 evangelical denominations, that will depart from the church Hossana.

The conveners have also encouraged through social networks the participation of youth and cybernauts, along with allegations of attempts to introduce into the schools non-approved educational material that exposes gender ideology.

Last year another massive march was held against the introduction by law of the open teaching of sexuality without parents’ consent.

The Supreme Court of Panama has yet to rule on a lawsuit filed against the Family Code by a Panamanian gay couple married in the United States, which claims the legalization of their marriage in Panama.

Meanwhile, one of the main leaders of the gay movement in Panama, Ricardo Beteta, said that "same-sex" marriage will be approved in his country because "it is a right", and "we do not accept another scheme".

The archbishop of Panama, José Domingo Ulloa, has strongly said "You may call it whatever you want, but that is not a marriage" and rejected the "gay lobby" from international organizations' effort to impose on Panamanians convictions alien to most of his country fellows. EFE News

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