Panamanian Government and producers will resume imports talks

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  • Tue, 01/08/2019 - 12:42
Panamanian Government and producers will resume imports talks
  • Vielka Corro Ríos - La Prensa.com

The Panamanian Government announced today that, they will continue tomorrow the talks with producers on the sensitive issue of imports. The first approach, during last month, presented violent disturbances that the Administration attributed to infiltrators from opposition political sectors.

The Panamanian Minister of Agricultural Development, Eduardo Carles, with the Catholic Church represented by the Chitre Diocese of the central region, and the group United for the Dialogue, agreed to resume the talks tomorrow in Panama City.

"In this meeting not only the 9-points review presented by the producers in August 2018 will be resumed, but also the framework of different topics necessary to discuss will expand," said in a public statement the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Measure).

The agricultural portfolio reiterated its position of "keeping the doors open to dialogue" in order to reach, in consensus, the best decisions with the producers, which demand that the Government puts a stop to the excessive imports that affect this sector.

Producers of milk, meat, rice, and other items submitted last August to the Government a list of 9 petitions in which, among several points, they ask access to the national product market, durability, and stability for the agricultural sector, and engage with food safety.

However, producers complained about the lack of response from the Government and have made several protests in different parts of the country. The idea is to push the Government for a solution to the issue of imports.

On December 26, a Panama Court ratified the precautionary measures imposed on a group of producers allegedly involved in a protest against the government's import policy. That finished in riots in the central region of Divisa.

The Superior Court of Appeals maintained the measures of report every Friday before the Attorney General's Office of the central provinces of Cocle and Los Santos and leaving the country prohibition without judicial authorization to two producers who allegedly participated in these demonstrations last December 18.

The protest preceded mainly by farmers, occurred when high government officials sought dialogue with the producers.

The Government denounced that a small group of opposition infiltrators provoked the protest to end in riots. They wanted to put end to the dialogue taking place that day with this sector.

The incidents forced the riot units to act after the demonstrators, mainly cattle ranchers, besieged the vehicle that was transporting the ministers of Agricultural Development and Security, Eduardo Carles and Jonathan del Rosario, envoys of the Government to talk with the producers.

For next January 11, the producers, and other organized groups that support them have announced new actions to press for a response to the agriculture problem.


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