Panamanian judge files corruption cases for due process violation

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  • Sat, 12/22/2018 - 11:33
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A Judge of Panama filed for criminal proceedings three criminal cases against more than 30 people for alleged corruption against the extinct National Assistance Program (PAN) and the Ministry of Housing during the Previous Administration (2009-2014), informed the Judicial Branch (JB).

One of the cases is the so-called "Floor and ceiling" to the detriment of the Ministry of Housing and Land Management (Miviot), while the other two are the so-called "Hours of helicopter flight" and "Grains", which caused damage to the PAN, corruption center in the past administration, that was renamed Social Assistance Direction (DAS) in 2015.

The social program "Floor and ceiling" is investigated for alleged anomalies in their hiring through the PAN, as well as the "Hours of helicopter flight" for over-costs in the rent of these devices, and "Grains" for irregularities in the sale of this product with funds from the extinct aid program.

In the "Floor and ceiling" case, the Fifteenth Criminal Court of Panama judge, Leslie Loaiza, ruled that the file of the case against Juan Carlos Marciaga Parada, Abraham Williams Gallardo and Adolfo De Obarrio for the crime against the Public Administration be archived, stating that it was violated the process by ordering an inquiry into these persons even though a relative nullity had been declared within the process.

With these same arguments, Loaiza determined to file the case "Hours of helicopter flight" against Mónica Gabriela Rodríguez González and Milva Josefa Chang Almengor de Gómez, for the crime against the public administration to the detriment of the PAN.

An investigation by the prosecution against this persons was ordered, the case is having already a declaration of relative nullity inside the process.

The judge ruled for the same reasons of violation of due process in the investigation, the file of the case called "Grains" against about 30 people, including Adolfo De Obarrio, who is out of the country and was private secretary of former President Ricardo Martinelli ( 2009-2014).

The BJ noted that "these decisions are being notified to the parties and therefore are not yet firm". 


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