Panamanian justice condemns a woman who pretended to be a cancer patient

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  • Fri, 05/11/2018 - 17:20
Milagros Lay
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A supervisory judge sentenced Panamanian Milagros Lay to 5 years in prison for swindling by posing as a cancer patient, a penalty that was replaced by community work, informed the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP).

The sentence to Lay, imputed for the crime against the economic patrimony in the form of fraud, was achieved through a plee agreement between the prosecution and the defense, which requested the replacement of punishment for community work.

The supervisory judge, whose name was not specified, validated the replacement of the sentence for unpaid community work in the Municipality of San Miguelito, East of the capital, where she will perform decoration, cleaning and maintenance, for 200 weeks on Monday , Wednesday and Friday.

In addition, as an accessory penalty the payment of a 500-dollar fine was imposed, at a rate of one dollar per day in a period of six months, after the sentence was served.

Lay also "was banned from leaving the country, restriction of the use of social networks to request help and once a month she will dictate talks on the importance of the cancer disease and how to help people who suffer said disease," says a statement from the MP.

Emir Córdoba, Lay's brother, was dismissed from the case, because no link was found to him in the act "being deceived like the victims of the alleged illness of his sister".

At the hearing, the Superior Prosecutor Orison Cogley acted on behalf of the MP, of the Investigation Section of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, according to official information.

The case of Milagros Lay shocked Panamanian society last year because many people, who provided some financial help, felt cheated by her supposed illness.


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