Panamanian Parliament approves issuance of new remittance of electronic passports

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  • Fri, 10/19/2018 - 00:51
  • laestrella.com.pa

The Panamanian Passport Authority will issue 600,000 electronic passports after receiving today the endorsement of the Legislative Budget Committee of the National Assembly for an additional credit of 946,809 dollars, informed the Legislative Body.

The director of the Passport Authority, Gisela Chung, explained that this item will be included in the operating budget for the purchase of the materials that will be used in the preparation of passport books for electronic reading.

Chung said that in recent months the request for this document has increased and to avoid a deficit that money is required.

The official said that the demand will be met to continue with the operational solidity of the Passport Authority, according to official information. ACAN-EFE


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