Panamanian Vice President De Saint Malo, awarded with a Bravo 2018 Award

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  • Mon, 09/10/2018 - 18:56
Isabel De Saint Malo
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The Council of the Americas (COA) announced today that the Panamanian Vice President, Isabel De Saint Malo, has been awarded as an Innovative Leader in the Bravo Business Awards for her role in "policy promotion" that have improved government efficiency and the lives of millions of Panamanians."

The award ceremony will take place in Miami on November 2 and includes other award winners from the business and banking sector in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Mexico, the COA said in a statement.

This international business organization highlighted the "key" work of De Saint Malo in the law that "provides the inclusion of at least 30% of women on the boards of public institutions" of the Central American country.

Also, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, the De Saint Malo "has managed to attract foreign investment, strengthen bilateral relations and increase the exchange of knowledge with strategic partners," specifically with China, an Asian country where in June 2017 Panama opened its embassy.

"De Saint Malo has contributed enormously to the renewal of the public sector in her country and is a reference in the search for gender equality and the empowerment of women in Latin America," stressed Susan Segal, president of the COA.

The CEO of the Year award went to Brazilian Fabio Schvartsman, CEO of Brazilian mining giant Vale, in recognition of his "work in one of the most successful multinational companies in the world," leader in the Brazilian stock exchange.

In just the "first year of Schvartsman at the head of the mining company, it almost doubled its value" on the stock exchange, stressed the business organization COA.

The Leader Transformer award was granted to Mexican Eduardo Tricio Haro, president of the LALA Group, for his "impact on business and international expansion" of this dairy company to markets such as the United States, Central America and Brazil.

Eugenio Von Chrismar, general manager of the Chilean Credit and Investment Bank (BCI), will be recognized as Financer of the year for his "internationalization strategy" of this financial institution "benchmark for innovation and forefront" in the region.

The Dynamic CEO award was given to Colombian Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno, general manager of Grupo Éxito, for his "outstanding performance" in the expansion of the retail company in Latin America, with the opening of more than 1,500 stores and an increase in 10% of net income compared to 2016.

And the vice president of the US law firm Greenberg Traurig, Patricia Menéndez-Cambó, will receive the Visionary Leadership Award for her "contributions to the growth and expansion of the private sector and the promotion of diversity in the Americas."

The Symposium of the Council of the Americas (COA), which brings together 400 business, political and social leaders of the hemisphere, will be held before the awards ceremony.


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