The Panamanians made their requests before the Via Crucis

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  • Sat, 01/26/2019 - 01:13
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Pope Francis was present during the realization of the Via Crucis within the World Youth Day that takes place in Panama. Young people from different countries who meet at the Catholic event raised prayers for the difficulties that cross the countries of the region. Violence against women, corruption, terrorism, abortion and migration, among other issues marked the route during the Via Crucis.

Later the Pope gave a speech in the field Santa María La Antigua. The Supreme Pontiff acknowledged and warned about these problems. "We are carried away by apathy and immobility, there are many times that conformism has won and paralyzed us and it has been difficult to recognize yourself in the suffering brother", said Francis, for whom conformism is the most common and most harmful state in the human being and that does not allow that the suffering of the other can be recognized.

Before the beginning of the religious act, a group of Panamanians that was among the crowd expressed what they expect for Panama. "May there be peace and unity among all, so that we can believe in ouselves and we, the young people, who are the future, get better", said Antonio Gonzalez.

Lourdes Rujano asks that "people open their hearts to God and look for him to find happiness and feel full and calm. That they do not need to look for mundane things to be happy".

On the other hand Angelica Lujano said that "Panama needs a lot of wisdom, both financial and spiritual as we must move forward as a country. Being united, thanks to God we are democratic, we have democracy. We have that freedom but we do not yet know how to choose very well so what I would ask will be more awareness".

Among those attending, Mrs. María de la Cruz Vargas asked for "peace, freedom, solidarity. Peace for the whole world, let there be no discord".

Other people like Daniel Tejeira inclined his request to the political: "to improve the Assembly, which is full of corrupt. In truth here the Assembly does not do anything because they are all shameless who think that the country is a toy for them. I would ask that he (the Pope) help in that part of the government".

María Alejandra McPerson considers that one of the main problems of the country is corruption and against it, is necessary to pray, also calls for Panama to "be a better country and have more education for children who do not have".

After Friday, the Pope will have a vigil with the young people in the San Juan Pablo II camp this Saturday.

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