Panamanians in the streets against corruption

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A massive demonstration of citizens protested at the coastal strip against corruption demanding the names of the politicians involved in the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office. The protest coincided with the 54th anniversary of the Day of the Martyrs.

"We want the list" was one of the slogans among the people who attended the rally. "The laws of this country are unjust. It is fair for some but not for others. When 30 million are stolen, 20 are returned and they remain as rich," this was one of the reasons that according to Maricruz Coronado led her to participate in the protest.

The demonstration turned into a march. Although it was not planned, according to the organizers, the people moved up Balboa Avenue to the presidential residence, also located in front of the Coastal Strip. "We ended up getting here because it is the resident of a President who promised us an Original Constituent. The people want to eliminate the way the magistrates are elected, we do not want more re-election of deputies; we want real justice, that the President respects the separation of Powers," said one of the demonstrators.

Despite the fact that the march was unforeseen, the demonstration was allowed. No clashes with authorities broke out. The protest ended with a call to march to the Attorney General's Office on January 23.

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