Pandeportes in the spotlight for embezzlement and fraud

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Alvaro Alvarado, a journalist, assured in his Twitter account that the Panamanian Government knows and consents to acts of corruption through various institutions, including Pandeportes, INAC and IMA.

Refering to the purchase of overcharged sports materials, Alvarado even shared the photo of one of the invoices, showing that a baseball bat that would normally cost 70$, was purchased in the amount of 354.58 $ with a company called NIKY'S CORP, where 125 units were purchased for a total of 44.350 $ with Fedebeis as the client of the operation.

In the first tweets Alvarado shares a report from the media outlet "Mi diario" with the supposed resignation of Mario Pérez as director of Pandeportes in the middle of a request for accounts made to the institution, as well as a compilation of the news about the issue, accusing President Varela of ignoring the situation.

The conflict presented with the sports institution is due to the alleged embezzlement that has shown in their activities, allocating resources to non-existent sports leagues in different areas of the country, and places such as San Miguelito and Ngábe Buglé never received the sport goods and the money that were assigned to them or the National Aid Program (P.A.N). During the administrative and fiscal process, media such as La Estrella de Panamá and La Voz have also been monitoring and publishing about the case, reflecting different reports from the affected areas with interviews to those affected, from the athletes to the coaches themselves, like the places that have been mocked at the promise of the benefit of the P.A.N. Making the entities mentioned at the beginning of this article responsible, also the National Assembly (A.N) and even Juan Carlos Varela himself, Alvarado makes special emphasis on the resource approval in an uncontrolled, disproportionate and unjustified manner by government officials.

At the moment, the affected areas still did not received the money assigned to them, as well as sports resources and equipment. What was done with the money has also not been clarified since the agencies in charge claim to have issued the endowment and for now, the audits would be pending and the allegations of various spaces are still dormant through the web and social networks.

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