Party created by Martinelli teams up with a group of dissidents in Panama

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  • Sat, 12/29/2018 - 08:47
Party created by Martinelli teams up with a group of dissidents in Panama
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The opposition parties Cambio Democrático (CD) and the minority party Alianza, group of dissidents of the first that was created by the detained former president Ricardo Martinelli, sealed on Friday a union agreement for the general elections of May 5, 2019 in Panama.

The union of the two groups was approved by the vast majority of the members of the board of directors of Cambio Democrático (CD), by 91 votes in favor and one against.

The agreement between CD and Alianza is to distribute the candidacies to deputy for the National Assembly, mayor, representative of corregimiento, councilors and deputies of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen).

Cambio Democrático has as president and presidential candidate for the 2019 elections the lawyer Rómulo Roux, while the Alianza party is chaired by deputy José Muñoz.

Muñoz won his deputation with CD, party from which he left to form his own collective Alianza, which now leads him to rediscover his origins through this coalition.

Among the terms and conditions of the alliance, which was made behind closed doors, is that Roux remains as the presidential candidate of the CD after having been elected in the primaries of this group on August 12, with more than 60% of the votes.

Roux told reporters that this is a "natural alliance" and "based in principles", and clarified that for the moment it has not been decided who will accompany him as vice president for the 2019 elections.

On December 26, José Domingo Arias resigned his presidential candidacy for the 2019 elections in Panama of the minority party Alianza, justifying his resign "because the electoral times demand that so" to unify the opposition.

"Mimito", nickname by which the former CD presidential candidate in the 2014 elections is known -which he lost when he finished second-, was elected as candidate for the presidency for 2019 on October 7 in the primary of Alianza, which he joined after of his renounce the collective of Martinelli (2009-2014), imprisoned for a case of interception of communications.

In those primaries, Arias won with some 5,000 votes in elections that cost the State about $ 249,000.

The period for the parties to agree their alliances, began to run on December 1 and culminates on the 31st of this month, as established in the General Elections Plan (Plagel) of the Electoral Tribunal (ET).

The Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), the largest of the opposition, endorsed last week its coalition with the minority Molirena, while with CD and Alianza negotiates partial agreements for positions of deputy, mayor, representative of corregimiento and councilors, according to local press reports.

The Partido Panameñista, now in the power, has already confirmed the alliance with its government ally, the Partido Popular (PP).

On May 5, 2019 Panama will have general elections to elect the president and vice president of the country, 71 deputies of the National Assembly, 20 deputies from the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), 75 mayors and 620 corregimiento representatives.


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