Police seize more than 9,000 illegally collected turtle eggs in Panama

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  • Sun, 09/23/2018 - 23:21
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Authorities of the Ministry of the Environment of Panama reported the seizure of more than 9,000 turtle eggs collected illegally from the Tonosí coasts on the Pacific coast.

The 9,057 turtle eggs were seized in three operations carried out by the National Police in less than a week, local media reported today.

The newspaper La Prensa said that in a first operation 4,096 eggs were seized, in the second 196 and in the third 4,765.

The same source cited statements by the official of the Ministry of the Environment in the province of Los Santos, Bolívar Domínguez, saying that when the eggs spend more than four hours outside the nests they no longer hatch.

Thus, 95 percent of the eggs that have been seized on the coasts of Tonosí no longer hatch because they have spent many hours outside the nest.


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