Political parties choose their presidential candidates in 2018

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  • Wed, 12/19/2018 - 13:31
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Five of the seven parties executed an election to choose their candidate for President of the Republic to participate in the General Election of 2019. The electoral process also called a meeting of the three independents who gather more signatures until December 31, 2018. Panama Today was present on the day of the internal elections of Cambio Democratico (CD), Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD) and the Panameñistas.

On August 12, the political group CD elected Romulo Roux as its standard-bearer. During his speech as the winner of the internal contest, he said: "Panama will not be defeated by a person who prefers to attack rather than build, stop instead of moving forward and
persecute his opponents instead of conciliating with his compatriots (alluding to President Varela). We will return to restore peace, hope, and progress to Panama. "

Then, on September 16, it was the PRD's duty to define its representative in an election that brought together more than a dozen presidential candidates, which also included the winner, Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo, deputy Zulay Rodriguez and former President Ernesto Perez Balladares. Cortizo said during his speech as the winner: "We are going to make decisions, some of them difficult but necessary. First, we will listen to people, politics should not be deaf. We will always put Panama above any personal or party interest. "

On October 28, the ruling party (Panameñista) decided that its candidate would be Jose Isabel Blandon Figueroa. That same day the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD) chose the trade unionist Saul Mendez.

Panama Today was during the ceremony where the victory was announced for Blandon who said: "I have prepared myself for years for this moment. I know the monster very well inside. That's why I know that our political system has collapsed that we have to replace it with a new one. More efficient and transparent to fight against corruption and clientelism. The country is built on public institutions that have legitimacy and credibility. "

On October 7, the Alianza party held its primary elections and Jose Domingo Arias was victorious. Arias was the presidential candidate of Cambio Democratico in the presidential elections of 2014.

The political groups officially constituted in the Republic of Panama: Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Popular Party (PP), Molirena Party, Panameñista Party, Democratic Change Party (CD) , Broad Front Party for Democracy (FAD)
 and Alliance Party. Both Molirena and the Popular Parties left their support to presidential candidates to seek alliances.

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