Political party accused of diverting concentration

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Through a communiqué the Cabinet Council reported that during the anti-corruption rally on Tuesday, January 9, a group of people diverted the protest to the outskirts of President Juan Carlos Varela’s residence, to seek a reaction from the security sector.

The document read by the Minister of the Presidency, Álvaro Alemán states: “A small group of people belonging mostly to a political party whose leaders are accused of corruption, arrested abroad and fugitives, took the opportunity to address the residence of President Juan Carlos Varela ... This group of people with clearly identified political ties mobilized a mob to promote disrespectful slogans against the President and his family.”

The statement concludes: “The Cabinet Council rejects this planned act and evaluates taking measures against those who were part of it and condemns the irresponsible way that some media have broadcast this news. The commitment of this Government to the fight against corruption will remain immovable.”


Cambio Democrático responds

The leader of the Cambio Democrático party, Riccardo Francolini, expressed on his twitter account: “Even after 4 years they continue to blame Cambio Democrático about everything. The truth is right before their eyes, they just choose not to see it. It is time for them to start facing the music. Gentlemen listen to the people and stop blaming others for your incompetence.”

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